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I help scientists worldwide to communicate their ideas, fund their research and successfully manage their projects and teams.

Grant consulting and advisory

Funding for research on all levels; individual, group, organization and cross-institutional are getting more competitive and constantly adapting to changing societal needs and governments. 

As a successful coordinator of multiple funding applications and proposals for both my own research group and multi-organization grants, I can help you understand which grants to apply for, and how to be successful in getting them.

I can deliver this service remotely or face-to-face; I just want to get to know you and your research or organization and help you succeed in funding.

Executive mentoring and consulting

Managing research groups, institutes and collaborations around the world and across disciplines is challenging. I have strong experience in doing all these, and I can help you better actualize your vision and your research.

I have academic and professional experience working with representatives from business, media and government. I am available to help research organizations, governments, regulatory institutes to stay up to date with the latest academic research and funding opportunities.

Manuscript peer review

Getting a paper published is a complex process with a lot of moving parts. Having been on both sides of this process, I take the peer review process very seriously. I have ranked in the top 10 of chemistry reviewers on Publons worldwide, and a recognized ChemComm top reviewer.

I will review your manuscript and use my expertise and background to really delve into your experimental results, conclusions and discussions. I’ll help you plan additional experiments or respond to reviewer comments to maximize your capacity to publish in highly respected journals.

I’d love to hear from you; if you would like to work with me or learn more about what I do. Drop me a message via the form below.