Research Group


I am head of the Department of Molecular Probes and Prodrugs at IBCH Poznań.

My research objective is to develop versatile strategies to map and control biological interactions in living models using chemistry.

  • Fluorescent and bioluminescent molecular probes for sensing pairs of analytes
  • Non-genetic methods of in situ protein tagging
  • Multiplexing assays for high-throughput screening

I have many ongoing, multi-disciplinary collaborations with researchers around the world working on:

  •  Molecular probes to detect the redox state and metal ions in cells
  • Development of molecular probes for super-resolution microscopy
  • Responsive MR molecular probes

See my publications for more information.

There are currently PostDoc, PhD, Masters and Undergrad opportunities in my lab across a range of projects. Please see the opportunities page.

Group Photo:

jacek-kolanowski-research group