My name is Jacek. I’m a scientist and group leader at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań. My group is growing with dynamic opportunities in chemical biology and chemistry, and there are opportunities to join as an assistant professor, post-doc, or PhD student.

Positions available:

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Located in Central Europe with a global network of colleagues, I am passionate about interdisciplinary chemistry research, bringing together the global molecular imaging and chemical biology community, and scientific outreach, dissemination and communications.

Research activities

jacek kolanowski

I lead the “Molecular Probes and Pro-drugs” Department, which performs cutting-edge research at the intersection of chemistry, cellular biology and molecular sensing. We perform design, synthesis and application of unique chemical tools to study the biochemistry and molecular interactions in cells and animals. Such tools include:

  • dual analyte fluorescent probes
  • caged bioluminogenic substrates
  • probes for covalent protein labelling in cells

I am also the head of the Centre for High Throughput Screening Studies, where we provide expertise and infrastructure for identification, optimisation and validation of biologically-active small molecules.

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I am currently involved in over 10 international collaborations with scientists around the world from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Poland, Spain and the US.

Recent Publications

IJ Carney, JL Kolanowski, Z Lim, B Chekroun, TW Hambley, EJ New. A ratiometric iron probe enables investigation of iron distribution within tumour spheroids. Metallomics, 2018, 10, 553-556.

JL Kolanowski, F Liu, EJ New. Fluorescent probes for the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes in biology. Chemical Society Reviews, 2018, 47, 195-208.

JL Kolanowski, LJ Dawson, L Mitchell, Z Lim, ME Graziotto, WK Filipek, TW Hambley & EJ New.  A fluorescent probe for investigating metabolic stability of active transplatin analogues. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2018, 255, 2721-2724.

Current research grants:


Caged bioluminogenic substrates for a selective molecular imaging of biochemical parameters in cancer (grant SONATA 13, nr UMO-2017/26/D/NZ1/01234), National Science Centre, 2018-2021


MultiGATE: dual-amalyte responsive fluorescent probes for a real-time multi-parametric sensing in cellular models, (grant Homing, nr: Homing/2017-4/33), Fundacja na rzecz Nauki Polskiej (FNP), 2018-2020


Small Molecule tools to investigate local microenvironment of proteins (grant OPUS 15, nr UMO-2018/29/B/ST4/01498), National Science Centre, 2019-2022